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Reel 2022
Design 3d Art Compositing and Directed Works
Demogorgon Vs El Santo (MX)
produced by bitt animation oncompo Vfx Compositors octavio nessi (lead) / Diego Dzisiuk / Nahuel acevedo / cristian bopp directed by armando bo / director of post Cristian Morales / project managers Mailen Gayoso / Jose Orelle Agency Rabolucion / Client Pepsico
雲 Kumo Shortfilm (jp)
short film directed by octavio nessi (okytronic) produced by yoko kosins camera by kaze Client facebook tokyo shimbashi
学芸大青春 Pump Me Up! 2022 (jp)
Visuals for the opening live show of 学芸大青春 Pump Me Up! in Yokohama
McDonalds Marathon (CN)
3d ArtWork made for BITT Animation. Directed by Javier Laurenco / Flamboyant Paradise / Bitt Animation, 1st Avenue Machine.
Meizu (ch)
Lead Compositing and Mattepainting work at Onesal Studio Creative director Nahuel Salcedo Art and 3d Damian Sendin Simulations by Taishi Yagyu
Savage Mode II (us)
Work done with RIMA studio Vfx Compo Supervising and 3d Keyhole and Ravens Music video for Savage 21 n metro Directed by Gibson Hazard
Sandox Characters (US)
Design and creation of characters and assets for a Sandbox game
Floratta Boticario (Bz)
Gizmo Directed by Javier Laurenco VFX Octavio Nessi
AXN Zoom (la)
Work for 4humans / Branding for axn latin america. Lead Compositing.
Lays Pacman (la)
Work made for BITT Animation, lays mexico, directed by javier laurenco, art direct. design and background by octavio nessi (okytronic) and animation by octavio nessi and igamoto, character design alvaro ortega.
Lays Pacman Teaser (la)
Work made fot BITT Animation, lays mexico, directed by javier laurenco, design character and background by octavio nessi (okytronic), animation by igamoto.
初音ミク「买买买」Mitchie M (jp)
Work done at Composition Inc for Mitchie M feat Hatsune Miku's Music Video
ルイ・ヴィトン Louis Vuitton Newtopia (jp)
Louis Vuitton New Topia Art made by Octavio Nessi 3d by Kana Terao Client Louis Vuitton Japan
ROTNK EP Creeps Artwork (ba)
Revenge Of The Neon Kids New EP Creeps Art by Octavio Nessi
ダ-テイペア (jp)
Dirty Pair Intro Reboot Done by Octavio Nessi
Revenge of the neon kids Artwork (ba)
Logo and Album cover artwork
Major Lazer Roll Da Bass (us)
Work done at Superpost Directed by Javier Laurenco Produced by Pat0 Verdi Compositing Artists Octavio Nessi and Alejando Taylor 3d Artists Arturo Chomyszin and Gonzalo Canepa Art and backgrounds by Franco Vecchi Simulations by Alan Iriarte
Rohan (jp)
Simulations work at Composition-Inc for rohan characters / advertising Japan
Bundes Liga (de)
Work done at 4humans Vfx Compo Supervising by Octavio Nessi
学芸大青春 (jp)
Visuals for the live show of 学芸大青春 in Tokyo
Bili Bili Macrolink VR (jp)
Music video for Hatsune Mikku's live song 'Starlight' Background videos Created and made By Octavio Nessi (okytronic)
Bili Bili Macrolink VR (jp)
Music video for Baby Metal's live song Background videos Created and made By Octavio Nessi (okytronic)
Vjing videos (jp)
3d Grid videos made for live vjing Live event at Roppongi Hills 3d and Live Vjing by Octavio Nessi
Sonos everywhere (us)
Produced by Lap0sta Agency 1st Avenue Machine Client Sonos
Starry (us)
Pixelart by Octavio Nessi aka okytronic 4humans
Osaka Metro Artworks Made by Octavio Nessi (okytronic) Client 大阪市高速電気軌道株式会社
Nakatomi Plaza Vj (ba)
Pixelart clips for Vjing Mixed video live at Nakatomi Plaza event
Infinia (la)
Vfx work by Octavio Nessi Work done at Superp0st Client YPF
Stride (ch)
Compositing Work done at Lap0sta
Vitalidad (la)
Work done at Lap0sta Vfx Compositing and Matte painting by Octavio Nessi Breakdown and Final work
Peter Punk Halloween (la)
Peter Punks Halloween Special 3d by Santiago Molina Vfx by Octavio Nessi and Alejandro Goldschtein Directed by Gustavo Cobaa Client Disney Latin America
Mastercard (uk)
Work done at Bourke VFX work By Octavio Nessi
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